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Emma Butin is a technologically challenged geek. She loves everything that is served in a no brainer effort. Emma’s obsession is to take big ideas and compile them into one button. That’s why she is working with start-ups right from their early stages distilling products to one button. In 2008 Emma Founded Kryon System, an international award winning software company with patent pending technology. In June 2013 Emma released her first book (in Hebrew) “About Economics and Love.” Today, Butin also teaches “strategic entrepreneurship in hi-tech” at the IDC Herzliya and engages in speaking around the world.


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Emma’s core teachings are founded on economics based on love, which is defined as business expansion built on the total gain of all. In her talks Emma shows how businesses can expand exponentially and spirally. Each talk is dedicated to a different subject in this realm.
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Popular Talks

The five successful patterns of the billion dollar club

There are five strategies, or patterns, that set apart leading consumer billion-dollar club companies – from all the rest. In this talk, Emma Butin presents the five winning patterns and shows you how you can apply them to your company.

Discovering your company’s DNA

Your company DNA’s is the one main value that sets you apart from the rest of the world. It is also the core value proposition that is responsible to encode your company’s operations. The reason to discover your company DNA and work with it is in order to achieve spiral growth, a rapid expansion of your business. In this talk Emma shows you how to discover your Company DNA.

Fundraising: Available Sources of Funding and their Agenda

This talks is designed to survey the vast sources of funding available today to entrepreneurs and the drives behind such funding. In addition, the talks covers the different programs offered to entrepreneurs today and the pros and cons behind each program.

Course online

In the past several years Emma Butin is conducting research about the billion dollar companies and what sets them apart from the rest of the world. Apparently they all consumer unicorn companies share patterns all add up to give rise to new company meanings and consciousness. In this course, you will be presented with billion dollar patterns, converted to practical tools that will help you grow your product rapidly while saving lots of money on marketing.


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Emma’s core teachings are founded on economics based on love, which is defined as business expansion built on the total gain of all. During her Workshops Emma provides you with practical tools that help you achieve exponential or spiral growth of your business.
Each Workshop is dedicated to a different topic.

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